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Plan Your Course

Make your lesson plan / power points / quizzes / video set up

Record Your Video

Make sure to make your video as professional as possible following your lesson plans and reviewing your quiz and test questions.

Build Your Community

Start advertising your your course / courses on as many networks as possible like Facebook Groups, WeChat Groups, and other social networks.

Watch this video to get an example of how to create a course on ESLBoards

We are currently offering live online tutoring, and complete online courses with a focus on language, test preparation, teacher training, and k through 12, and business.

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Steps for Adding Courses

This is an easy way to promote your course / courses, get more leads, and make some extra money too!

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Step 1

Register As a Teacher/Instructor/Tutor/School/University

  • Complete the registration click here
  • Go to your dashboard and complete your basic profile
  • Complete your Professional profile tab with your cover letter, skills, education, and certifications
  • Add a Professional images and Introduction video
  • Wait for verification (within 12-48 hour)

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Step 2

Complete Profile

  • After Login, Go to Instructor Dashboard, Go to Courses and click on "Add Course"
  • Add Course Detail,What student will learn, What is course content.
  • Add Introduction video of course content
  • Add cover image of course

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Step 3

See users that have enrolled

  • After adding your course and it is live on the site. You can see how many user have enroll the course
  • You can assign a different instructors to your course or you can remain the instructor

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Step 4

My Revenue

  • As User Enroll and complete, You can see two options of Payouts
  • Pending Payout - This mean payout is pending. It will complete when student mark it as completed and give feedback.
  • Complete Payout - That mean payout is complete. The amount that was earned is in your account.

Promote your Course,Marketing and Get Earned?

The best why to get people to enroll in your course in to market it. Social media is one of the best ways.

Most Popular FAQs

There are basically six key areas to higher achievement. Some people will tell you there are four while others may tell you there are eight.

Courses randomly move around in each category so every course has equal chance to be seen by our visitors

Courses that are not approved are usually not complete, using copyrighted materials, or are not related to the category they are in.
Marketing your Course always works better that if you do noting. Try using Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Instagram and our social platforms.
Always do some research and see where your course would be in the marketplace and price it accordingly
Bad reviews are common once and a while but what you should care most about is was it true in. anyway and how can you prevent this from happening again.
Yes but it will simply take longer to receive your payed as we must hold the payment to insure no chargeback or payment dispute was issued for that course.
You will need to create a new account you purchase courses
ESLBoards try to drive traffic to all of its sites and does it best to find students for your course / courses but does not promote individual courses.

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