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18th October 2020 By EslBoards
Need to Teach Online? How to Do it Right

The COVID-19 outbreak has people across the world working from home, and for teachers, that can be tricky. If you’re a teacher suddenly faced with the task of learning how to teach classes online, you might be feeling overwhelmed—and that’s totally understandable.

After all, it literally happened overnight. You went from your normal routine of working with your students in the classroom to suddenly being forced to move all your teaching online, and maybe without any training or support. And we have no way of knowing how long this “new normal” will last.

Here at Skillcrush, we are in a unique position to help you figure this out. We’ve been offering fully online courses for over eight years and, during that time, we’ve taught design, development, and other tech skills to over 17,000 people.

In that time, we’ve tried it all, from live video classes to recorded and customized digital curriculum, to online office hours, study groups, and more. In other words, if you can think of a challenge to remote education, we have encountered it and lived to tell the tale!

Since we’re big believers in the power of online learning, we want to share online teaching resources and tips we’ve used and developed over the years to help you now. Whether you’re a teacher facing a virtual classroom for the first time, an experienced online instructor looking for fresh ideas, or even a student or parent just wanting to understand more about digital education, this article will give you practical advice and useful resources for learning on the internet.