$ 30 per hour

Lisa Buchanan

Texas, Usa 4:56 AM(GMT-05:00)

Professional ESL Instructor/Teacher

Experience: 10 Year 45 Min Class Trial Class:Free



About Me

I’m originally from New York. I am a native English speaker with excellent diction and an American accent. Having taught English online to students from around the world, over 10 years now, I’m very familiar with various cultures and student personalities. Often my students comment that I’m friendly, very patience, easy to understand and have a warm smile.





  • TESOL Canadian Institute of English 2011

Describe your teaching and tutoring experience?


I've taught English to both adults and children online and in-person for over 10 years. I have really enjoyed it! I've had students from all over the world! I understand the common mistakes students make and how best to help them improve. I believe that the secret to becoming a more fluent speaker is to speak more! Yes, find opportunities to speak in and out of class. I always devote some time to conversation in each class, on a wide variety of topics, to help build confidence.

Tell us about yourself. What are your interests outside of school? What else would students enjoy knowing about you?

I love the outdoors! I enjoy riding my bike or going for a long walk with a friend. My ideal vacation is anywhere near a beach. I've enjoyed playing sports over the years as I am quite athletic (well at least when I was a bit younger).

What makes you an awesome Tutor? Describe any experience, qualifications or strategies here?

I have excellent diction and speak at a pace comfortable for the student. It isn't one size fits all, meaning I adapt to the needs of each individual student. I like to know from the beginning what the strengths and weaknesses are from the mouth of the students themselves. I ask my students how they think they are doing currently and what they want to improve and match that up with my own assessment. I try to be flexible as what we learn in each class. I focus on areas that will practically affect their English language life.

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