$ 40 per hour

Aidan Callahan

Florida, Usa 3:25 PM(GMT-04:00)

ESL Teacher Happy to Help Anyone

Experience: 1 Year 45 Min Class Trial Class:Free


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About Me

My thorough teaching helps students fully understand any concept, and I aim to provide a nurturing environment where students can feel comfortable asking any question or pursuing any thought. I also have experience teaching English online and have taught students of all ages.



Describe your teaching and tutoring experience?

I have over a year's worth of experience teaching online English to students of all ages. From grammar and vocabulary to various discussion topics meant to encourage conversation, I have taught all sorts of lessons.

Tell us about yourself. What are your interests outside of school? What else would students enjoy knowing about you?

My greatest love in life is cinema, but I also enjoy any sort of art that either tells a story or evokes feeling from its audience. Students may enjoy discussing movies and video games with me if they desire.

What makes you an awesome Tutor? Describe any experience, qualifications or strategies here?

I believe students learn best when they feel encouraged and comfortable with making mistakes or asking any sort of question on their minds. Any student of mine never needs to worry about being judged for not knowing something or being criticized if they may not be on top of their game. We all have days where we are not working at our best, and I want my students to know that it's okay. Learning English can already be stressful, so I want to help remove at least some of that stress.

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