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Lenyrose Balaquidan

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I'm a graduate of Civil Engineering, and recently also finished my second course which is Teaching Education. 

Despite the many years spent in studying Engineering, I have chosen to build a career in sales.

In my 15-year experience, I was abke to develop and maintain exceptional relationship with peers, clients, and supervisors which is eesential in providing sustainable business solutions.

Eventually I had a chance to work as an Area Business Development Manager. This has honed my skills in making decisions that are beneficial for the business and for all the people involved.

On top of that, I am in charge of mentoring our clients and business partners on how they can further improve their performance in terms of sales and their relationship to consumers.

So as a trainer, leader and teacher, I oushed myself to be very articulate especially in English.

These experience did only enhance my skills in English but also helped me in improving my overall management skills. 

Now I can freely shade my thoughts and ideas because I trust my own capabilities.

I hope you can be confident in your capability in speaking English soon as well.

We can start working on the by studying now. 

See you!

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